how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

The problem with some people is that their body does not feel what they eat and their body is deficient and there are many reasons behind this problem but eating a calorie-rich diet has overcome this problem. It can increase your weight. It is important to gain weight quickly because you should eat vitamin-rich protein-rich foods in your daily diet that provide adequate nutrition for your body and physical development. These vitamins and proteins are also effective in making hormones in the body, which has a great effect on the body, due to the lack of hormones, even if the body remains thin, it starts gaining fat, we tell you that there are steps to increase your weight in some homes

1.potato Healthy high-calorie foods

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, so they provide the necessary nutrition for the body, besides they contain a lot of fiber and vitamins, so eating them increases your weight quickly. Potato peel also contains protein, so peeling and cleaning it is very good.

2.An egg Healthy high-calorie foods

Eggs are a protein-rich diet, because eating one egg gives you about 50 to 70 calories of energy and eggs contain a lot of protein and minerals, so it is helpful to eat them. Weight gain and body fit

3.Spaghetti Healthy high-calorie foods

Macaroni is high in calories, and also contains a sufficient amount of water, so eating it is also a good option for weight gain. You can add many different types of vegetables to make healthy pasta and red chutney. Pasta also increases weight rapidly by eating white pasta

4.Milk cream Healthy high-calorie foods

There are milk, calcium, and many other minerals that play an important role in the development of the body. Drink a cup of milk in the morning and evening to increase weight quickly. A cup of milk contains 140 to 160 calories. Drink with milk cream and eat lots of buttons

5.Eat nuts Healthy high-calorie foods

If you want to gain weight quickly, you have to change your diet. There are also those who can help you. Eating cashews and raisins gives your body high calories and contains a lot of fiber and antioxidants that can help with body diseases. It enhances immunity and helps in body development
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